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In the autumn, as much as 50% of all enterprises were closed down in the Urals, the Donbas, and other industrial centers, leading to mass unemployment.At the same time, the cost of living increased sharply.This immediately initiated the establishment of the Russian Soviet Republic.On 17 July 1918, the Tsar and his family were executed.The following day, the Winter Palace (the seat of the Provisional government located in Petrograd, then capital of Russia) was captured.The slogan of the October revolution was All Power to the Soviets, meaning all power to grass roots democratically elected councils.the Bolshevik Coup or the Red October, was a revolution in Russia led by the Bolshevik Party of Vladimir Lenin that was instrumental in the larger Russian Revolution of 1917–23.It took place through an armed insurrection in Petrograd on 7 November (25 October, O. It followed and capitalized on the February Revolution of the same year, which overthrew the Tsarist autocracy and resulted in a provisional government after a transfer of power proclaimed by Grand Duke Michael, the younger brother of Tsar Nicholas II, who declined to take power after the Tsar stepped down.

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Russia's national debt in October 1917 had risen to 50 billion rubles.

During this time, urban workers began to organize into councils (soviets) wherein revolutionaries criticized the provisional government and its actions.

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