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Most lighters fabricated between 19 can be identified by style and model and the patent or patent-pending marks.

First, sell an item only a portion of the population needs.

Then there were the ones that never left the factory at all but could have slipped out in the pocket of an employee—a Zippo with two wheels, a combo cigar lighter and hand warmer, and many others.

Crazy rarities that could push your collection to museum status.

Today, Zippo’s design center comes up with 30 new creations every year.

Some of these are destined to become collectibles, while the others will sell to their respective audiences.

There is one question that remains, however: Couldn’t any company make limited versions of their products, funky mistakes, and rarely seen oddities to gain a following of collectors?

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Finally, having ensured minimal repeat business, go ahead and launch your company in the middle of The Great Depression.With brass being required for military machinery, Zippo produced lighters made of steel instead and coated them with black paint so they wouldn’t corrode on the battlefield.