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Get in-depth flat screen TV reviews and best TV prices in Kenya.TV Reviews and Prices in Kenya will help you find best TV deals online in 2017.Share | President Trump wants to pull out of Afghanistan.A majority of Congress wants to end the 19 year long war. The women of Afghanistan are bracing for a loss of freedoms possible while under American occupation.An agreement between the United States and the Taliban is in sight. In his farewell address President Dwight D Eisenhower warned the American people to be on their guard against the overweening influence of the military industrial.

Now, it's being used on the streets of Los Angeles to root out criminals like something straight out of the movie "Minority Report." Share | Walmart is unleashing their creepy robots throughout 350 stores this year - most of which will roam the aisles and look for items that are either out of stock or out of place, after which a human will be alerted to remedy the issue, according to Fast Company.

Because, while most media sources focus their “coverage” on random items such as Cardi B’s boob dress, there is much more going on during these shows.

And the young people who watch these shows absorb what is happening the same way a brand new sponge absorbs the dirty stinking water of a nasty kitchen sink.

Share | Did someone say higher taxes and higher real estate prices were a good thing, because that doesn’t seem to be the case in New York City.

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In fact, people are fleeing the New York City area in droves, according to Bloomberg.

Share | Fake news is so threatening to America’s national security, the Pentagon’s DARPA research agency has announced it will launch a project to repel “large-scale, automated disinformation attacks,” according to Bloomberg.

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