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Jones Jones/Screenshot-327First couple I moved in the new world I downloaded called Sanford Bay. anyone knows who this couple and apartment building is based on I'll give them a cookie anyone knows who this couple and apartment building is based on I'll give them a cookie For some reason I want to say it's the couple from Facade. Hattie Belle and Hayden Benson Bits19/134Brendon Asher & Aria Peake c: after their wedding, my game crashed. If anyone is handy with the creation of accessories, message me! SUPER COOL GUYS 0.o NNacide77/couple2 NNacide77/couple1My avatar sim, Evrard Rochenoire, a nerdy-loner journalist who spent most of his time at home typing fictional stories and news. He created a fictional female character based on his dream-type then wrote a short story of her and himself in a romantic way. Llama/Flitt Legacy Chapter Two/Screenshot-110-2Here's Penelope Flitt and Iqbal Alvi. For some reason I want to say it's the couple from Facade. @cesarisaias95: Love the wedding arch, you have to tell me where you got it! I didn't save at all, so this is going to be the third time I redo their wedding (the first time the groom's mother came and then died so there was no wedding cause right after she died nobody would sit down and his sister and father said the party blew and went home). He traveled to Champs Les Sims to have some adventures and make a journal based on them then finally...I moved them into a little starter home and let them work until they had like 3 days until the Adult life stage and then adopted Heaven. The only thing I added was a different hairstyle and the eyes. I am now into a legacy home with them, and heaven and her mommy's are totally enjoying the pool, and the beach behind them :)Amber (l) and Holly (r).Have been playing these two lovely gals for over 2 and a half years, and I don't feel like ever abandoning them. Next year they're getting married, and Amber's thinking of getting a job in corporate.Doria and Niel, on their date Cd Zvjid-JA/Tn9jd6QBe CI/AAAAAAAACUY/ps MQWK8nc TY/s800/Screenshot-997 KIo I1Xvk/Tn9jeu7VT_I/AAAAAAAACUc/fd96Y-OFg1I/s800/Screenshot-999 Ar CMQ0c/Tn9jfdre Hw I/AAAAAAAACUg/j7BNGph6n GU/s800/Screenshot-1001 NTj_Kmx Y/Tn9jg-fq Ye I/AAAAAAAACUo/53Augy Gcx Q0/s800/Screenshot-1005Aw thank you. @ Rainy_Day idk what it is about this picture, but they look really in love. I haven't even played them yet, just took this first to show you guys : D Jase is super hunky haha.They finally decided to get their relationship going Ixyr QOo/Tohe KQDNea I/AAAAAAAACVg/Nl DASWKQ_i M/s800/Screenshot-1031 Say CM/Tohe OYnbx0I/AAAAAAAACVs/mk J0jl Y2gtk/s800/Screenshot-1037 Z1-v E/Tohe Qp9Bt1I/AAAAAAAACVw/F3B0CWxu Ky U/s800/Screenshot-1039 BQqc Rzv E/Tohe Scnj7k I/AAAAAAAACV0/r VLKPWg Ctm0/s800/Screenshot-1041Zorgot, I love your sims! " they moved in together, but their relationship is still just "Good Friends". a very talented sculpter (or she will be) and he an aspiring athlete who's a little absent minded, haha! Edit___________________________________________Edit Since no ones posted since me I will just add these to my post.Basically, Brandy is the blonde and Maureen is our Dark-haired wild child. They were both two sims I had created but not intended to fall in love. Well, Brandy had none of that one night stand stuff and would keep calling. They both would (on free will, constantly call each other no matter the mood, etc.) It was crazy. So, I finally decided instead of having nice babies with some madeover townie, I would make them girlfriends and then move to a custom world I have.Now, since back in Bridgeport, Brandy brought in a ton of simoleons, they ended up with around 400,000 bucks.

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I didn't even have to force them into a relationship to fit Omerta's storyline - they started flirting immediately. @Emoted Llama: I never realized Igbal has a unibrow? Wren & Spencer you purposefully name them after the couple on PLL or was it just a coincidence..? Even when their daughter Chantelle is begging for their attention, apparently. (Actually I made this story way back before movie Ruby Sparks was out, coincidentally my base plot looks similar like that movie, i really have no idea. Fredrick, Can not remember what it was before he married Momoko, he was a proprietor, when they met it was like fireworks, all Momo wanted was to talk to him.I'd date you..." the cemetery (current)Ella Bymal & Hudson Thomas The proposal, while on vacation in Champs les Sims. " 3 Photos/Itsrealbaby_zps8d51b886Rema says "Don't worry honey, you're not dreaming."my sim and her (now ex) boyfriend when she was pregnant XRRL1and their daughter (she's too cute not to show off) PCg7They are Cynthia Bisset and Tomas Richardson. ( by keeks_ ( on Flickr Better picture of Manisha after their movie date. ( by keeks_ ( on Flickr Sims 3/Townie Make-Overs/Crumplebottom-Briody/tumblr_mltrq219Oq1s511ido2_1280 Sims 3/Townie Make-Overs/Crumplebottom-Briody/tumblr_mhxxps KOTp1s511ido1_1280 Sims 3/Townie Make-Overs/Crumplebottom-Briody/tumblr_mltrq219Oq1s511ido1_1280Agnus Crumplebottom and Gage Briody, my Townie Make-Overs. (My own Sims, for a change.) Wz Imogen Pelly and Andrew.