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19-Nov-2019 14:40

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If you want to see some personal website examples before you get started, here’s what mine looks like today:(By the way – if you like my website’s design, later in the guide you’ll find an in-depth video tutorial that will show you how I created it using a free theme.

Keep an eye out for that in Step 3.)I’ve also made sure to keep all the previous versions of my website accessible for you to check out.

I want to be very clear that there are definitely other good choices for your domain and hosting out there. However, I believe it’s a lot more impressive to have a self-hosted site with an actual domain name (not a subdomain).

Plus, your resume becomes static and outdated the moment you hand it to someone. Everything bad about resumes can be fixed simply by having a website.

What you need to know beforehand: Seriously, building a website isn’t hard and you don’t need to know any code.

Knowing code can be useful for tweaking and customizing things later, but you can get the basics down without knowing so much as a lick of HTML!

You can’t update resumes you’ve already given out – you have to make new copies. I’d go as far as to say that not having a website is like shooting yourself in the foot – it’s that useful.1) A website isn’t static; it’s dynamic. The moment you accomplish something, you can add it to your website.

When you complete a project, you can put it in your portfolio for all to see.

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