Dbml file not updating Married hook up no sign in required

29-Sep-2019 15:19

DBML display does not show new foreign key constraints In the case of stored procedure update, you should delete it from the file and reinsert it again.

But if the stored procedure have two paths (ex: if something; display some columns; else display some other columns), make sure the two paths have the same columns aliases!!!

The work around is to do a build of the project and then re-add the tables again.

I reported this to MS and its being fixed for VS2010.

There is a nuance to updating tables then updating the DBML...

Foreign key relationships are not immediately always brought over if changes are made to existing tables.

The LINQ to SQL tools is the feature you must install.

For VS 2017/2019, you can find it under Check out the PLINQO site at have a look at the intro videos.

The new table structure is clearly visible in the DBML database diagram.The second tool I know of are the Huagati DBML/EDMX tools, which allow update of DBML (Linq-to-SQL) and EDMX (Entity Framework) mapping files, and more (like naming conventions etc.).

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