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Far From Heaven focuses on several controversial issues of the mid-twentieth century, including racism, miscegenation, as well as views on homosexuality, and the stigma of escapism during that time period, presenting these issues through the mise-en-scène and cinematographic conventions of a 1950s style melodrama.

Utilizing the nostalgic mechanisms of a polished, period melodrama, Far From Heaven challenges the typical sanguine nature of the genre in an effort to highlight the central conflicts of its main characters, Cathy and Frank Whitaker, while also simultaneously shattering the wholesome image of American life during this time period, which is typically romanticized in American culture.

One night when Frank is working late, Cathy decides to bring his dinner to him at the office.

She walks in on him passionately kissing another man.

While Moore joined the project immediately, Gandolfini was unavailable due to The Sopranos.

Haynes' next choice, Russell Crowe, believed that the role was too small, and Jeff Bridges wanted too much money.

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However, his relationship with Cathy is irreparably strained, and he turns to alcohol.In 1957 suburban Connecticut, Cathy Whitaker appears to be the perfect wife, mother, and homemaker.