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(Takes 8 months to get all the videos.) So, all in all, Vin’s system does not replace Dating To Relating as the best, and although I like his approach, I think I still recommend David Deangelo’s materials (especially the dating guru series because some of the guys in that series also have a personality approach) above Vin Di Carlo’s materials. Rx writes a dating advice column for newspapers and here is a short article that he wrote about personality based systems for meeting and relating to women: Question: Mr. Rx, there are some other dating gurus who have personality based approaches to meeting women.

I would like it if Dating To Relating II (Coming out some time next year, I hear) would come out with some more defined types, but, all in all, Dating To Relating’s strength is that it is a floating personality system with types you can define for yourself and in relation to you. I tried **** and **** but they didn’t get anywhere near the eighty to ninety percent results that you claim for your system. The systems that you refer to are strategy systems and will work better than the dating gurus who have one strategy for all women, but won’t work as well as our technology.

So a person may be one personality type when alone, another personality type when with friends, yet another when at church, etc.

For all of the above reasons, this is why a technology is needed that can develop strategies on the fly rather than just memorizing approaches to a limited number of personality types. It is a technology of how to meet and relate to women and a way of developing an unlimited amount of your own strategies of how to meet and relate to women.

In addition to that, you have the problem that even within a personality type you will not always get consistent behavior. There is actually no such thing as a “personality type”.

People within the same personality type can express themselves differently. People usually are a compilation of several different personality types and exhibit behavior of several different personality types in different situations.

and by total devotion I mean she is willing to give up her current life plans, and devote her entire being to supporting you on your journey …

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The Dating To Relating technology allows you to do this. For any personality based system to be effective in establishing long term relationships (not one night stands) you have to take into account the personality of the man who is approaching in addition to the personality of the woman who is being approached.

The problems I had with Vin’s system are: 1) The eight types didn’t seem to fit all women.

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