Did i scare her away dating

01-Nov-2019 00:27

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He would ask me out on dates and I had to cancel a couple of times.

I only went out on one or two dates with him up until about a month ago when we started seeing each other more.

Seemed she was really into me, she would initiate a lot of the meetings and would want to know a lot about me.

Until one night when I got really drunk, this was maybe 5 days after knowing her I asked her in bed one night if she wanted to be exclusive and she basically said no.

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If you want an exclusive commitment, no things can't be fixed because she doesn't want that. Assume that because you never mutually promised to be exclusive that you are not exclusive & you are FWB but for Pete's sake do NOT say that out loud unless you want to insult the woman. Would this be an appropriate situation to ask her to be FWB? The next days after that we hung out on different study dates, went to the bar together and just hung out at her place a lot, having sex multiple times. So if you can stop talking about it & just act, you can get back to regular sex.

Then the day before we return from break I asked if shed want to hangout again and she said she thinks Im a really cool guy but she just wants to be friends. It's fixable to the extent you want NSA / FWB to continue. She is all about being fancy free & bedding multiple men. Trying to label the relationship is 100% feminine energy, therefore it's the girl's job, not yours.

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