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“I am reminded of this fact every time I look at my peers, who continuously inspire me with their drive and camaraderie.” According to Kent Miller, NETC’s N3 director, Diede exceeds all expectations and continually demonstrates performance well above her pay grade.

“Diede’s commitment to excellence has been crucial to the success of not only N3, but to NETC,” said Miller.

As a result, backpressure is built in the manifold and in the cylinders, making the engine work backwards and subsequently slowing down the vehicle.

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Diede sets the example for others to emulate and her selection as SOQ is well deserved.” Switzer, a Gulfport, Mississippi native, has served as an information technology (IT) specialist in NETC’s IT division for 19 years.There are several ways of stopping a vehicle such as using the normal brakes, the engine brake or for diesel-powered vehicles; drivers can also use an exhaust brake.