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If this does happen, you may need to repeat the line: Application.

Screen Updating = False in other parts of your macro. Convert Excel Spreadsheets To Webpages | Trading In Excel | Construction Estimators | Finance Templates & Add-ins Bundle | Code-VBA | Smart-VBA | Print-VBA | Excel Data Manipulation & Analysis | Convert MS Office Applications To......

This page lists some suggestions and strategies for optimizing your Visual Basic For Applications (VBA) code, so that it will run faster.

There are few absolute rules for optimizing VBA; you'll see the best increases in performance by streamlining the basic logic.

You can use the Refresh method to view changes that have been made to the current set of records in a form or datasheet since the record source underlying the form or datasheet was last refreshed.You may even find in some cases that Screen Updating is set back to true before your recorded macro completes.This can happen with recorded macros that have the word Select used frequently.I know about the normal application.screenupdating, but when I run some of my macros, the actual VBA editor screen tends to flicker quite a bit and in the end, all of the userforms for each workbook have been opened. Here is an example of one code that it does it the most with: Sub Copy Module() Disable All On Error Resume Next Kill ("S:\SERVICE\Repair Shop CDRs\CDR Templates\Temp Module.bas") Module Name = Input Box("Enter Module Name to be Copied", "Module to Copy") If Module Name = "" Then Exit Sub From Workbook = "! Export ("S:\SERVICE\Repair Shop CDRs\CDR Templates\Temp Module.bas") On Error Go To 0 For Each wb In Workbooks If wb.

TEST CDR.xlsm" If Module Name = "Hide_Unhide" Then Msg Box ("This module is specific to each report." & vb New Line & "Please select a different Module.") Copy Module End If On Error Go To Error1 Workbooks(From Workbook). In an Access database, the Refresh method shows only changes made to records in the current set.