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Otherwise, the analysis is derived from first-principles (cell dimensions, pressure, temperature, and methane’s per-molar absorptivity) ().

Together, these concentration measures yield methane values that are accurate to better than 60 ppb (Robert Provencal, LGR, personal communication, 04/16/2019), which is relatively small considering that our methane data vary from ~2.0 ppm (ambient level) to ~30 ppm (peak mole fraction).

The background methane mixing ratio (An example of downwind methane plume measurement.

A Google Earth representation of an example of methane mixing ratios (red bars) measured by the GSV car along its pass around the ammonia fertilizer plant located in Fort Dodge, IA.

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ammonia fertilizer industry using a mobile sensing approach. Leakage of NG can happen anywhere along the value chain from production to end-use, reducing its potential short- to medium-term GHG advantage over competing fossil fuels.Real-time location of the GSV car was determined by a roof-mounted GPS unit (Model A100 from Hemispheres GNSS, Scottsdale, AZ, USA) with an acquisition frequency of 1 Hz.