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05-Dec-2019 05:13

Leaking someone's personal information because you disagreed with someone is not okay, even if they did call you a thing that is or is not true.

Atheism is Unstoppable has repeatedly engaged in this intellectually bankrupt and unethical manner, and yet, because you're talking shit, you "deserve to have your real name put out there." No.

It doesn't somehow make you win the argument, it just make you look childish as you can't even come with a logical response. When teammates don't cooperate, it can be frustrating.

And here's the worst part: Even if your opponent was wrong, the minute you dox them, you lose. If your opponent gets murdered by the actions of an extremist fan of yours, that shit is on you, and all of the empathy in the conversation will go straight to the person who was wrong. Definitely more beginner friendly than the previous games.

slander isn't good, but if this person and his followers are up to this then you could report them to the site for such things.

if they are hacking that is, after all if you park things on social media with real info, well that's on you after all. Nah, fuck you."Doxing" in this context refers to leaking a person's real name as a form of intimidation as if to say, "Hey, I know who you are.

That's not fucking around, that is literally putting someone's name and other personal details out a free speech absolutist and a privacy advocate, I am of the belief that doxing, in any circumstance, short of tipping the police because a crime has been committed by said individual, with evidence to prove it, is blatantly wrong.