Drake equation applied to dating

24-Jul-2020 16:02

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updating formula for the sample covariance and correlation

– Physical Variables for Life – The first set of three functions in the Drake Equation relate to the fundamental physical conditions necessary for life to develop.

Sooner or later, if it’s possible for life to originate at all, it will do so.Paleoarchaeologists do have some idea how this might have happened among apes and humans, in terms of gradual increases in mental and social complexity.(So far they have less to offer in the instance of other somewhat intelligent species, like dolphins, Humboldt squid, and social insects.) Townsend, ever the optimist, says that this number is 100% as well.The Milky Way Galaxy currently holds about 100 billion stars.

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This is the only function in the Drake Equation that can be known with any degree of mathematical certainty.Instead, he offered it as a sort of thought-experiment, taking into account all of the factors which would go into the likelihood of intelligent civilizations existing elsewhere in the universe: N = R* x f(P) x n(E) x f(L) x f(I) x f(C) x L In his work, Drake assumed that all life would emerge independently, and naturally, through evolution.

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