Duritz dating history

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He is the son of Gilbert and Linda Duritz, both physicians.

We had studied at Queen Mary’s together in 2006, until he left for a different university (UCL) where he completed his masters program.

Along with bandmates Vickrey, Bryson, and Immerglück, Duritz co-wrote the song "Accidentally in Love" for the soundtrack of the movie Shrek 2, winning them each an award from BMI.

The film revolves around "five guys and a girl who live in the lap of luxury in a rock star's mansion.

In 1990, Duritz joined with Bryson in forming the band The Himalayans.

In The Himalayans, Duritz's songwriting talents were beginning to gain recognition from the other musicians and the original version of the song "Round Here" was written at that time.

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The friends will do whatever it takes to maintain their rock and roll lifestyle, as hilarity and shenanigans ensue." Duritz grew up in Baltimore, Maryland; Boston, Massachusetts; El Paso, Texas; and Berkeley, California.

A year later, while The Himalayans recorded a demo tape for a major record label, Duritz and Bryson independently submitted another demo tape of just the two of them singing stripped-down musical selections, and calling themselves Counting Crows.

After both tapes were listened to, Duritz and Bryson's tape was selected, and they were asked to record the song for what would be their debut album.

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