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29-Aug-2020 20:17

In 2004, he joined an international bank and through various OPS/IT positions he gained an extensive knowledge of Contact Centers in Central and Eastern Europe.

He recently joined the fascinating area of Digital Banking.

I can almost say that I dislike snow as much as I dislike Taylor Swift. I started watching the "Lost" series out of boredom...which led to me further wasting hours of my life watching that show.

And spending two days and nights couped up with my parents, aunt and uncle with no electricity at my parents' house in the middle of the woods, burning old documents from the 1980's in the fireplace to keep warm, grilling filet mignon outside and heating tea on the grill since there was no electricity, playing hours of card games, giving in and drinking copious amounts of rum at 4 pm because there was nothing else to do and passing out at 8 pm in a house with no heat, was legitimately pretty fun.

Check out their incredible dance floor-filling mashup in the video below!

Catering a Jewish-Indian wedding, of course, meant enough food to feed a small army – with a delicious ‘East meets West’ catering theme. Beautiful bride, Sharon, looked absolutely sublime in her traditional Indian dress, adjusted to incorporated western colors, adorned with antique-inspired accessories, against the picturesque backdrop of her blush pink, navy blue and ivory color scheme.

LA is known for overreacting to "cold" weather as Jimmy Kimmel so accurately pointed out when he mocked LA news coverage of the "Arctic Blast." (Although I will admit, it was A LOT colder than I was expecting. ) As winter weather wreaks its havoc on the east coast again (its March 6...seriously? ) I am very happy to be watching from a distance this time, if nothing else because its comical. Apparently the Snowquester has been a lot more underwhelming than the past storms.

There's nothing the media loves more than creating stupid names for mega snow storms. Snowstorms that rocked the east coast in 20 were part of the reason I left.

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Sharon and Simon took their favorite elements from their respective upbringings and brought them together for a gorgeous cultural fusion, celebrating their globetrotting history as a couple, and culminating in an epic party, led by our sensational Recommended Vendor, The Function Band.

He holds a Law Degree from the University of Leuven (BE) and an EMBA in Finance from the University of New York.

After building up his professional career in the insurance business in Belgium, he left in 1998 his home country to become active in the financial world in CZ, SK, RO and Germany, to finally arrive in Vienna, Austria and work there for an international Austrian banking group.

To those people who say "I like to experience all four seasons"-- screw the seasons, I much prefer running, biking and volleyball on the beach in the winter.

What happens when you blend two beautiful, family-oriented cultures?Pavel lives with his husband Laco in Vienna and in Prague. Bankverbindung: FI48 7997 7997 7329 82, BIC: HOLVFIHH.