Economics dating relationships

03-Jun-2020 09:27

So, those who aren’t searching for a job do not count.

Moving onto the dating scene, if you are not in a relationship currently of any kind and you are not looking, you are not in the “dating market”. If you are single-but-looking, you count as “unemployed”.

After years of a selective one-child policy which favored males and sometimes resorted to female infanticide, there is a great disparity between male bachelors in search of wives.

From an economic standpoint, the population scarcity of eligible women in “supply” within the marriage market gives females greater negotiating power.

The operation cost of a relationship is the money you spend to make sure everything runs smoothly while dating.

It’s Halloween and you want to do a couple’s costume: there’s an expense. If it’s their birthday, Christmas, or Valentine’s day, you better have a small gift.

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University is a unique time in your life because of the increased amount of “single” people within your age range, sorted by similar interests.

If your Facebook status says, “It’s Complicated”, you count as “employed”, but it’s a side-gig, rather than full-time.