Elementals dating directory

10-Jun-2020 04:55

they can tend to be selfish sometimes, wanting things their way, and are maybe not good at compromise.They can be seen as insensitive if they do not go to any effort.Also, elementals work well with incarnated angels as partners since they are quite similar.

Doreen Virtue discusses this in her book, and this is absolutely true.

Both are loving and spiritual beings and in fact really do make a match made in heaven if they are good communicators together (see example below of this match up). They are not easy to get along with and may need a lot of talking out of differences.

I have found that they are quite reasonable if you can get them to listen to your side (good luck), and once you explain things in a way they can understand, they may start to agree with you.

They tend to be connected to something higher and spiritual, and do not loose that connection after birth into the human world.

When single, they can be known for enjoying many partners or being promiscuous.

We are most familiar with the types that command the earth and sea.