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30-Sep-2019 03:40

Do you know how in general how companies manage this process?Wanting to talk to more candidates can mean “we’re not especially excited about you for the job so we want to make sure we see who else is out there,” or it can mean “our policies require us to interview at least X candidates before we can make a hire,” or it can mean “we’re not hiring you and we’ll let you know that once we decide who we hiring.” In other words, it’s all over the map, so you can’t really conclude anything from it.I have a panel job interview tomorrow morning that will consist of Human Resource Specialists and my supervisor (if I get the job).My question is, who ultimately makes the hiring decision — HR or your potential supervisor?The manager for the position, unless the company is horribly run. In some cases, HR might make decisions on who passes an initial screening, before candidates go to the hiring manager, but by the time the hiring manager is involved in interviews, she’s the one who should be making decisions.(Note that hiring manager = the person who would be managing you, not “manager of all hiring.”) 2. My question stems from your article about how companies can prohibit coworkers from dating coworkers.

Would I be in a stronger position to discuss/negotiate this before or after accepting the job? Wait until you have an offer — because at that point they’ve already decided that they want to hire you, whereas if you start complicating things for you before that point, they may find it easier to just go with a different candidate.Similarly, advertising the job for more than a month isn’t that unusual so you can’t really read anything into that.What you do know for sure, though, is that there are no guarantees that you’ll get this job, and that would be true even if they seemed wildly enthusiastic about you — so you should be actively job searching since your contract is ending soon.The interviewer replied today, saying that my experience was just a bit under, but that wouldn’t be a problem in normal circumstances.

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However, because her team can get rather vocal about what needs to happen, she feels that I will get “snowed under” by the pressure.

Yesterday, however, I got the dreaded email saying I wasn’t chosen.

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