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29-Oct-2020 22:06

This post explains the JPA technology and its use in java development. If a framework has to say ORM then it should implement all the specifications given by JPA. Technologies: JPA and Hibernate, Maven, My Sql database Usecase: If you are working on Java development applications with JPA, hibernate, eclipse link you will be getting below exception often: The problem is a JPA persistence provider is trying to update the Object which is not the latest version object.Experts of java development India are explaining the use case of technologies- JPA and Hibernate, My Sql database, Maven. Technology: JPA stands for the Java Persistence API which is the standard from Sun Micro Systems for persistence. JPA is just specification, it needs persistence provide for CRUD operations. Generally relational databases maintain version whenever a record is updated in the table.We use this regularly in our unit-tests to enforce loading objects from the database again instead of serving them from the identity map.

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Here we will discuss plays around persistence context.

The entity will be converted to DTO (Data Transfer Object) which will be mapped to entities.

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