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She did a direct character in My Boyfriends’ Dogs that was casted by Hallmark Channel television movie.

Christensen played in Wicked City (a short lived ABC crime drama show ), as one mum who befall passionately using a serial murderer, in Feb 2015.

Instead of being a fantastic actress, she’s a singer too.

During her career now she’s played in a lot of movies, Television series and dramas that has attracted a starry charm in her character.

Her performance in most of films till date amounts up into the Net worth of Erika Christensen and made her fashionable.

Erika Christensen became a recipient of a Gracie Award in 2014, for acting the role of Julia Braverman-Graham from the NBC production Named Parenthood.

From 2010 until its ending in 2015, Christensen starred as Julia Braverman-Graham on the NBC family drama series Parenthood.

In 2014, she won a Gracie Award for her performance in the role.

Christensen’s parents function as associate of the Church of Scientology became Scientologists in their early 20’s and increased Erika for a Scientologist.

Also in 2000, Christensen guest starred in single episodes of Time of Your Life, Movie Stars, Freaky Links, and The Pretender.

In 2001, she had a recurring role on the sitcom The Geena Davis Show.

With the start of her career as an auxiliary part in the comedy movie Leave It to Beaver, and about the play series Nothing Sacred as a guest appearance in 1997, she gained fame.

She did lots of guest appearances in several television series such as Touched by an Angel, Frasier, 3rd Stone from sunlight, and The Practice.She acted How Sweet It Isa musical movie that was led by Brian Herzlinger at 2013.

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