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And I was one of 250 women in his inaugural intake of students and graduates.We were his willing Love U guinea pigs.* I can only answer the first part of that question – you’ll have to ask his wife about the second part.Everyone needs to know what qualities to look for in a partner. You’re thinking about the ones you’ve loved in your life and the ones you’ve lost.Everyone could benefit from understanding what makes a modern marriage work. Many things make for a happy life, but few things have as much influence and impact as our relationships do.Evan is a warm, funny, incredibly open and unapologetically honest Jewish atheist from Long Island, New York.He’s been based in Los Angeles since he completed his studies at Duke University, as his dream career as a youngster was to be a screenwriter.Why, oh why, do we learn essentially f*ck-all about how to find and keep a loving partner with whom to form a lifelong union and, in most cases, have children?

We covered a lot of ground, and Evan and I butted heads on more than one occasion.

Tens of thousands of singles from all over the world read Evan’s blog or watch his You Tube videos, but I first discovered him when I read by Lori Gottlieb (2010), which originated as a magazine article in The Atlantic (2008). Well, according to Evan, women are much more likely to seek out a dating coach than men, and the reality is you can’t have a business without paying customers.

His practical, down-to-earth advice helped me into my last relationship. And so many of us accept sub-par behaviour and treatment when we value chemistry over character.) After my breakup, I got hooked on his awesome blog (where you can search for the topic you want to learn more about), bought one of his books and then signed up for Love U when it came along a few months later. It’s a shame but, in general, women want to give themselves the absolute best chance of finding and keeping love, while men want to give themselves the absolute best chance of picking up.

The Love U curriculum consists of 6 modules that take you right through from bitter singlehood to a happy marriage.

The modules are broken down as follows:♥ Past Baggage ♥ ‘Why Bother’ Syndrome ♥ Confidence ♥ Take Action♥ Meeting Men ♥ Flirting ♥ Online Dating ♥ First Dates ♥ Courtship♥ Staying Cool ♥ Sex ♥ Being Selective ♥ Becoming Exclusive♥ Boyfriend Material ♥ Masculine & Feminine Energy ♥ Alpha Males & Beta Males ♥ Understanding Men ♥ Chemistry♥ How to Talk with Men ♥ Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Evan is now offering the Love U course – videos and materials – alone, with coaching as optional add-ons.