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Their latest song, “Jeune”, is the second single off their upcoming album “The Middle of Nowhere” which will be released on August 30th and I must say it sounds great. Hopefully this album will be released in physical format! This shoegaze band formed by Saagar Kurani and Wesley Diemling has just two songs available to preview.

Laughed the Boy: here is a fine album by this Whitby, Onteario, three piece formed by brothers Chris and Sean Panacci and Brennan Hrehoruk. Their latest is called “Wander” while the previous one was “Second Guess”.

And this past weekend I learned that Inés Bayo, vocalist of the legendary Barcelona band Los Fresones Rebeldes during their early years and also in their reunion tour in 20 passed away too. I never saw them live, it was/is a dream of mine as Los Fresones Rebeldes has been a favourite of mine since forever I think.

I feel very sad of this, even though I never met her, but her vocals, all over the band’s first LP, were as important as the music I thought. I have been planning to do a Los Popov post, another band she was in, for some months now, but never got round to do it.

It seems as it was a self-release, there are no other releases listed for this label. The first dates from 1989 and it was on my friend Phil Ball’s compilation “You Can’t Be Loved Forever No.2” that is indeed a classic indiepop compilation with lots of top bands. This demo tape is called “The Last of the Turbonic Pineapples” and had four songs. I would definitely love to hear the songs that didn’t appear on the 7″.

The record had 3 songs: “Oddball” on the A side and “Blotch” and “Twang” on the B side. On this compilation the band contributes the song “Michael, Michael, Michael”. “God is Dog” and “You Can Call Me Trevor” on the A side and “Elvis Presley Drunk My Beer” and “What’s it Like to be a Boulderhead” on the B side. I also wonder if the members continued making music afterwards.

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Further shading may be accomplished by the use of Newport Harbor and our new offering, Felicity's Duets is a yarn that has been spun to perfection.

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Last week Winston from The Brilliant Corners passed away.

Long Beard: seems this New Brunswick, New Jersey, band is popular. And they are releasing an album called “Means to Me” on vinyl this September 13th.

A 10 song album which has two songs to preview, “Sweetheart” and “Means to Me” which sounds ace, with lovely girl vocals and chiming guitars.I believe after the band split Holmes started to run his own recording studio and became a producer. At some point Holmes and Roberts joined another Derby band for a brief time, White Town.