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Felton worked on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix throughout 2006.

Having read more of the Harry Potter books, Felton reflected: "I have had input into Draco.

But after the Potter legacy is over I look forward to playing a good guy, or someone different anyway; someone not so spiteful." Felton posted three music videos on You Tube under the account"Feltbeats", in which he performs fragments of original songs.

Nine songs have been re-recorded and are now available on i Tunes: "Time Well Spent," "Time Isn't Healing", "One of These Days", "Under Stars," "Right Place, Right Time," "In My Arms," "All I Need," and "I Will Be There" join the instrumental "Silhouettes in Sunsets." He also recorded an album titled In Good Hands.

After some looking (OK, we Googled it), we found Raymond Felton’s wife Ariane Raymondo-Felton.

While not a whole lot is known about Ariane, we have learned that she is a Cornell graduate from the class of 2009, who was born in 1987.

Raymond Felton’s wife Ariane Raymondo-Felton, is very much working to no longer become his wife.

After only 19 months of marriage, Ariane filed for divorce in early February, 2014.

Despite the marriage only lasting 19 months, she wants full divorce assets, and is seeking that the Knicks point guard continue to pay for the final two years of law school.

1010 WINS has confirmed that one weapon had 17 armor piercing rounds in a magazine, with one more in the chamber.

If convicted of all charges, a maximum sentence would carry up to 23 years in prison.

He was a member of four school choirs and was given the chance to be part of the Guildford Cathedral Choir.

He has three older brothers; Ashley, Jonathan and Chris.If they give me a line and I do not think it is something he would say, I suggest changing it.

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