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While I laud the equally important political point of maternal rights to their children in the event of marital separation being argued along with voter's rights, I did feel that the world seemed to revolve too much around Mulligan's character.She thus comes across more as a cipher than a real person and the film might have played better if she had been based on a real person.Nevertheless in its gritty depiction of the privations and struggles of the brave women who challenged the male-dominated political landscape of the day, this film deserves admiration and recognition for its subject matter if not quite for its execution.uses cookies to personalize content, tailor ads and improve the user experience.

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Disappointed, Valentine bids Proteus farewell and goes on alone.

See more » The first feature film I can remember dealing with the fight for women's voting rights in the United Kingdom, puts its subject across respectfully, if carefully.

Most of the major events I've read about historically on the movement's road to enfranchisement are covered in the film, like the letterbox campaign, attack on Lloyd George's house, their hunger strike and resultant force-feeding in prison and most famously the shocking martyrdom of Emily Davidson who ran onto Epsom racecourse on Derby Day in front of the King's horse, the latter very realistically.

The film shows police Inspector Arthur Steed speeding towards Epsom Race Course in a 1912 De Dion Bouton 8hp Torpedo.

This brand of Italian motorcar would have been,probably, too expensive for him to own personally or the British government to purchase for use by an ordinary government official.The highlight of the play is considered by some to be Launce, the clownish servant of Proteus, and his dog Crab, to whom "the most scene-stealing non-speaking role in the canon" has been attributed.

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