Flaws in evolutionary dating

03-Oct-2019 19:42

Judy Rivers was stuck living out of her car for months. Yet she couldn’t rent an apartment or access her money.

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His explanation may sound like an observation from nature, but it is really an imaginary conjecture.

“The fossil record suggests that every so often evolution hits the jackpot: an organism so impeccably and robustly suited to its environment that further modification is apparently unnecessary.” After all, no one knows for sure “what singles out an organism as a survivor-in-waiting.” It seems that both his and Darwin’s scenarios incline toward pure imagination.

Without a doubt, the term “living fossil” is a device intended to rescue evolutionary theory from the “too much time” dilemma by suggesting that organisms survive for eons without change because they live under less varied competition or are simply lucky.

What scientific test would be capable of giving such a result?

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Actually, evolutionists usually accomplish this feat by just looking at a trait or DNA sequence and declaring, “That’s primitive.” You could ask, What is the opposite of primitive?

Living Fossils: Fixing a Problem of Too Much Time Judy had her problems, but living fossils cause their own troubles for evolutionists.

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