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02-Mar-2020 12:33

Many professors prefer that all students meet the same set of requirements, within the same time period (see, e.g., Morse v. De Paul University, 4 National Disability Law Reporter 157 (Office for Civil Rights 1993). University of Vermont, 1992), and in the same way, and are ill-prepared either to adapt their instruction to address the individual needs of students or to identify appropriate, fair, and reasonable accommodations.

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Due to these laws, all public and private colleges are required to demonstrate compliance with applicable federal mandates. With respect to postsecondary education, a qualified student with a disability is one who is able to meet a program's admission, academic, and technical standards (i.e., all essential nonacademic admissions criteria) either with or without accommodation.

In 1985, the Court provided additional direction when it proposed that reasonable accommodation would allow a qualified person with a disability to have meaningful access to a program or activity but would not require "substantial" changes, adjustments.

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