Forefront definitions not updating wsus

22-Oct-2020 00:18

We know that the delta definitions are for machines that have been updated with a definition within the last month.

We also know there is a binary delta definition file (which we don't have the ability to download, or at least I'm unaware of the location of the BDD file) for clients that have definitions that are at least a month old, but aren't older than two months.

Repeat the above steps for each package you made in the previous section.

So now that we have created the packages to update every 8 hours (since the FEP definitions are released 3 times a a side note, no, I don't know the time of day they are released, I have a pending question on that, so for now, just do it 3 times a day), now we need to target an advertisement to a collection, however we have an issue.

I actually assign mine to the Out of Date and Deployment Succeeded collections, however you probably can get away with just assigning it to Deployment Succeeded.

To assign the baseline to a collection: So now that we have the DCM Configuration Items created, we can now create our collections leveraging the compliance of the CI and the CI Unique_ID.

The binary delta definition file is generally 1-15MB in size and is used if your client is more than a month behind in its definition updates.

The delta definition file is generally 1-15MB in size (usually smaller than the binary delta definition file) and it installed typically on a daily basis (released 3 times a day).

So how can we leverage our DPs if the above three options don't allow us to do so?

Once the packages are all created, make sure to send each package to your distribution points.

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