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You get an almost irresistible urge to stand and wolf your food even in the nicest restaurants... Your idea of a good time is a full arrest at shift change... Cooking and Running a kitchen in steel mill Three Places I have lived 1. There will come times where you will outgrow some of your friends or you may have a friend come into your life for just a certain time and once they have accomplished what they were suppose to accomplish in your life they will move on. The most important fact is leaves and branches grow back. Back to Tyler Perry's definition of friends being Truckingnow ive been trucking for close to 20 yrs and so many things have changed when we started driving the people we met were alot friendlier the roads less busy and more time off now we run 3 or 4 weeks strait to make a living the freight has gone down with the economy and the pay is not alot higher then when we started, ive done both owner operator and company driver and owning your own truck these days is a hard job with the laws ins rates and fuel cost at leaast company drivers let the company deal with that part of it we run hard and push the laws to the limit to make a living we get a bad name from news and a few bad apples in this industry but for the most part we are good ppl that will help stranded moterist when we can and help the needy the children out there we are caring ppl that chose a life style yes this is not a job its a life style to be gone from loved ones for such a long time and live in a box 24 7 while out here what else can you call it we run all weather condictions g Another Face... Click Here Upskirt Naylon Preten Modeling Slave Husband Stories Voluptuous Women Pics Xxx Movie Galleries Pretender Fan Fiction Xxx Slike Russian Naturists Shemale Orgyes Video Amatur Ugly Girls Tgp Samantha Fox Nude Swedish Voyer Retroporn Pictures Putrid Sex Rob Celeb Picture Tit Torturebdsm Redhead Milfs Pron Underground Tiffany Selby Preteennudity Three Fuck Susan Penhaligon Nude Tits Being Milked Virgin Cock Suckers Tv Reality Stars Nude Wetting Panty Sissy Training Bra Rouge The Bat Nude Rikku 3d Sarah Bolger Nude Under Skirt Tanya Toberts Naked Prostate Massage Movies Watch Free Adult Movie Worlds Biggest Facials Puke Fetish Sites Rachel Luttrell Naked Worlds Largest Creampie Teen Bikini Sex Uma Thurman Naked Pussyparadise Tips On Breaking Hymen Young Teen Girl Pics Recipes Semen Young Masterbation Tgp Vids Skinny Big Boob Teen Club Vixendomme Video____1. I scream in deaf ears in a language of anguish I do not understand. No pain in my heart , no knife in my back has slowed me down. It shredded my flesh like dull razors, it broke my ribs to get to the heart of me and ripped it out of my chest. The monster fills the hole in my chest with shards of memories and broken glass realities. You just kept on lying, with every lie you told I just kept dying. ok technically its been 20 months or 86 weeks or actually 601 days today. He died on a sunday but there are some facts i cant seem to get out of my head. I walk the streets of this city I'm learning to hate, the city that's given up, like the whole world seems to have. Wake up my friends before we have no America to leave to our children and grand children. i used to help them out when i was living down there and did vonlinteer work at a ranch the Selfish Murder Ya know, after 15 years of really not giving a shit, not even my health being a factor to my self distruction. I've learned that you can do something in an instant that will give you heartache for life I've learned that its taking me a long time to become the person i want to be I've learned that you should always leave loved ones with loving words coz it might be the last time you ever see them I've learned that you can keep going long after you cant I've learned that we are responsible for what we do no matter how we feel I've learned that either you control your attitude or it controls you I've learned that regardless of how hot and steamy a relationship is at first, the passion fades and there had better be something else to take its place I've learned that heroes are people who do what has to be done when it needs to be done regardless of the consequences I've learned that money is a lousy way of keeping score I've learned that my best friend and i can do anything or nothing and have the best time I've learned that sometimes the people you expect to kick you when your done One Nighters I've been with 5 guys in my life sexually (meaning intercourse, haha), and out of them, 3 were one nighters. Really Who The Hell Is This Targetingthat has to be the most disturbing commercial that I've ever seen for akids meal Yes the song is catchy. Im alittle closterphobic ( holy shit I spelled that right damn ) I also get really lightheaded in them to.

(Oh wait, that's only if you're a NEWBIE to EMS ;-) You believe in aerial spraying of Prozac... I might get around to this sometime, if pushed/funded. Oakland / South Hills (with boyfriends for wkends) 2. New Kensington (with my aunt and grandmother) Three TV Shows that I watch 1. ANOTHER FACE Jack Daniels woke him up he loved the taste of beer but Cuervo Especiale kept him alive Mild Bill became Wild Bill the white light of blackness, memory bounce the ability to do anything you would regret later he built and destroyed my reputation I might just hate him because he is me Nymphogirls Video____1. It sows the gaping wound together with barbwire and rubs the now rotting mound of flesh with salt to enduce more pain. I really suck at math but when you look at this day as a day that you lost someone so important and a day my life changed its hard not to see it. while in my gut the creature writhes and snares and tells me what I need..... You may wake up in 1 yr and find we are now called the North American Union!! The day my mother had to damn near fight to take a breath not only broke my heart but my mind. Yeah it sucks hella bad but when your eyes are open to the truth of being scared.other choice do you have.i still have not quit for me. I don't get the whole aspect of men not calling back after that, since I couldn't get rid of the losers. I bite my nails , I hate it but have done it since I was tiny.

I would be overwhelmed but go through my day, keeping a mirror in my purse to reflect my way.

Like a security blanket, there comes a day, when y Thank You Everyone Tonight I would like to thank everyone for there support and also I wish them the best in 2009 ...

---------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------Poems From Myspace - The Popular Ones The Popular Ones They always told me I was ugly, a nobody, a loser, no one likes me.

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Exsisting members please be sure to return the love. Break a leg, it heals, with some scarring, break it again, will heal with more scarring. Once again, he's brought me back-- to show me how little it has changed.All new members, once you have added everyone in the family, please let us know and you will be able to put the name "Fubars MOST Finest" in your title if you chose to. there's stuff i'm doing, some good, some bad, some indifferent. mainly i'm sure i wasnt really that attracted to them anyway. weird thing is i know what i want to do about my job situation and what kinda person i want to be with, but nothing's happening...why? When things go south I have a tendency to eliminate things that are associated with the person, situation, time period what have you. all my tagged and myspace friends Three of my favorite foods 1. In "Madea goes to jail" writer Tyler Perry states this: "Friends can be compared to trees. It's the night-- when the city's smells call out to him, though I lie between silk sheets in a million-dollar mansion miles away... when a police siren wakes me, and, for a moment, I forget that it's all over... Get motivated, and get educated as to what has happened to our once great country!! and i dont know anyone here where in Azorina i made friends that liked to hang out and go places i do have someone down here that i care about and moved from AZ to be here i just feel like im beind ingored most of the time like im not even here the one i care about here rather go places with her friends but when i ask it's i don't wanna go it seem like she is spending more time with her friend or maybe im just shelfish.