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29-Jan-2020 13:55

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Switch off the phone and all other electronic devices for several hours. Be aware that if you're used to being constantly connected, you will experience some anxiety the first time you try this.In these days of Facebook and Twitter, people feed off and thrive on display. Emails, messages and texts trickle into your life in a steady, inexhaustible stream. At work and at home, machines and gadgets demand constant attention.Do not let their opinions govern how you feel about yourself, or how you treat yourself. Precious moments can now be stored forever, with a click.The convenience of a digital camera in our phones has changed lives. Being able to record emergencies, accidents and incidents at a moment's notice are all advantages of a camera with video capacity which lives with you in your pocket.If this sounds familiar, you need to be careful you are not setting up a harmful cycle where your sense of self-worth and self-confidence is being dictated by your social media audience -- most of whom are total strangers to you. Remember that your social media followers or readers may be, for the most part, people who do not know you.The internet is a place where anonymity lets people be as rude or contradictory as they want.

Are you constantly checking the number of 'likes' on the images you post to social media?

To help manage stress, we need to recognise our reliance upon this human-machine connection, and to come up with ways to use it to advantage without being devoured by it.