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28-Nov-2020 16:02

Made up of thousands of Islands in the Ionian and Aegean Seas, Greece is home to a population of 10.75 million people.

Though it’s influence has diminished since it was first referred to as the ‘cradle of Western civilisation’, Greece has been an important part of shaping European culture for many millennia.

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They are a warm and generous nation with family and friends being a very important part of daily life, and families in Greece are big!

90% of the population belong to the Greek Orthodox Church though fewer are practising members of the religion.

The influence of the Church is not invasive but does hold sway when it comes to morality in society.

There are a lot of preconceptions of the Greek nation, some of which are true and others are pure myth so let’s start with a quick run-down of the general cultural profile.

Greek people are very proud of their country and their heritage and there is some truth in the belief that they think the world is envious of them.

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