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31-Oct-2019 21:44

But does an age gap relationship need strings attached to work?Can’t it just be two people who have fallen in love despite the years that separate them?

“When we split up, I started internet dating and was adamant I wanted to meet someone my own age.As a result, straight guys often gab with us about the stuff girls do that cost them a call back.This article may be in violation of bro code, but I’m going to share some intel anyway. According to a University of Maryland study, women utter more words per day—about 20,000 to men’s 7,000.There’s a 24-year age gap between Michael and Dennis*.

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They began dating three years ago after meeting online.He told me my friend was a bad listener, interrupted him a lot and he couldn’t a word in. Ask open-ended questions and when all else fails try, “tell me more about that.” It works like a charm.