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11-Nov-2020 23:30

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Take the 800 pound gorilla of comic cons, Comic-Con International: San Diego, which has so fully transitioned to being about media guests and content that many comic book creators no longer bother attending.

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‘Stacy’ (name changed to protect her anonymity) watches science fiction like Firefly and Doctor Who, and is also a gamer.More than a few women have made names for themselves at cons as preeminent and exceptionally talented cosplayers.But the increase in female attendees has allowed cons to explore a completely different programming option; speed dating.The gender split is certainly still not even, which creates its own issues for geek speed dating events.

While she has noticed that the gap between the numbers of men and women that attend these events is decreasing year after year, the gap is still there.

This isn’t something exclusive to our section of the cultural sphere.