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05-Dec-2019 02:16

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All that being said Germany at the time was adopting some pretty catastrophic economic policies.

For one, it aimed to become economically independent from the rest of the world and adopted heavy protectionist laws, which thanks to its relatively (to the rest of Europe) strong industrial economy at the time was hugely successful.

Pluss he needed support of the Army to stay in power, could he afford to maintain its loyalty if its Military build up came to a halt? but being serious, Nazi germany was like jet fuel, it burned very hot, but very fast.

Personally I think Germany would run into huge problems anyways in this case, but overall it'll have remained on top over many other European nations that were far more economically conservative.

If something like the post second world open world market developed anyways in this scenario Germany might today have resembled North Korea.

Otherwise by the end of the 30's Germany was racking on some huge budget deficits, not unlike Western states of today but without our knowledge on how to integrate it into an economy well.

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