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The biggest telling factors for guitars from this period, as opposed to the guitars from 1961 to 1969 is the “Made in U. To make matters even more confusing, there wasn’t really an order for these serial numbers – so you could have something from 1975 that started with a 1 and something from 1972 that started with a 9. These serial numbers started with either “96” “00” or “06” with the 96 representing 1975, the 00 representing 1976 and 06 representing 1977.

O.k., let’s take a look at the different time periods of serial numbers from Gibson Guitars.The serial numbers shown represent the approximate last serial number for that year.The first serial number for acoustic guitars was 100.The first guitar built that day would have the production number 500.

Guitars built in the Nashville Factory from 1990 onwards have production numbers 300-999 – so the first guitar produced that day would have the production number 300.Once the serial numbers hit 99999, Gibson decided to change to a new system, rather than go into 6 digits.