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22-Jun-2020 22:17

Or maybe tens of millions, which is technically still millions. He’s an ex-boyfriend, of course I have stories.” The point of this statement wasn’t to earn accolades for loyalty, but to point out that she was trustworthy.

Olson herself isn’t after trading money for the stories she could tell: “He had his in and out girls. Sheen called her his goddess, then risked her life by refusing to divulge his diagnosis to her even as he let it slip to others.

Sure, the comedian who once joked that having sex with a condom is like eating steak with a balloon on your tongue had a solid point.

Regardless, based on Sheen’s interview, clearly those two women are fine, and if we can trust anyone here, it’s Sheen.

This isn’t about money, though, but basic human decency.

I mean, I guess that was their decision to make and it’s apparently not as risky as it sounds, but come on, man.A San Diegoan found himself in jail for six months after failing to disclose his HIV-positive status to his partner.Regardless, given the above timeline, it seems Sheen incriminated himself in his “Today Show” interview.Hopefully, with what we’re doing today, others may come forward.” Out of the 5,000 women Sheen claimed to have slept with over the years, fifteen of them are quite famous, and on this list, we reveal their names.

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When Charlie Sheen went on “The Today Show” to announce that the rumors are true, he does have HIV, host Matt Lauer asked him, “Have you, since the time of your diagnosis, told every one of your sexual partners, before you had a sexual encounter, that you were HIV-positive? We had sex almost every day for a year.” They even used protection. Sheen’s publicist is pushing back hard against Olson, claiming the couple had only been together a few months and broke up in April 2011 prior to his diagnosis.Lis Wiehl, appearing on “The O’Reilly Factor” on Tuesday, flatly asserted that Sheen did in fact incriminate himself.