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Don't let him/her go to far because you most likely won't be together "forever." I know it sounds rude, but it is the truth. __________________________________________________________________ I personally don't think it's an appropriate time for middle schoolers to date. Besides, enjoy the time you have young while you hang out with friends and family! However, if you feel that a relationship is right for you at this time, I guess you could try it out.Good books for middle school kids include the Percy Jackson series, the hunger games (but they may be violent for younger middle schoolers) Inkheart, Harry Potter, the Kane series, Eragon, and Airborne (correct me if im wrong) middle schoolers are still kids. middle schoolers probably see their parents kissy kissy all the time and think it's "gross" but they hear about sex through tv or other frnds and think totally different.Keep it simple and social like: going for a bike ride together; going to a school sporting event or concert.I don't suggest going to a movie because that's not a place where you can talk and get to know each other better.

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I am in 7th grade, and in my opinion, you cannot LOVE someone in middle school. GO KARTING 5for a walk For Middle schoolers: Put love notes in her locker and then talk to her alot the only way she will like you you have to ask her to a dance and ask her there but if u are 2 shy just ask ur friend to ask her so good luck Middle schoolers For Elementary kids: Flirt with her that's all i can say Catoosa is a small town in Oklahoma, We got a big bond issue and we got new tile in every room in every school and Mac Books for our Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers!

You have plenty of time to date and most likely will be alive for the next 80 years.