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28-Oct-2020 18:10

Ok Cupid’s blog found that the average heights claimed by men on their profiles are suspiciously greater than that of American men, with an inexplicable number claiming to be exactly 6 feet tall.

Similarly, they report that there are four times as many people making 0,000 per year as there should be.

This is key to cheap talk models: The part of game theory — occurs far more often with baseline data we all share, like looks, income and age, where everyone wants to seem as attractive as possible.

But not everybody has teenagers or a hairy canine sidekick, which are non-negotiable.

As much as we would all love to be loved for the people we are, things are more complicated.

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Over the last couple of decades, there has been a rapid increase in firms’ use of stock and stock options to pay CEOs, justified by the need to align the interests of CEOs and their shareholders.The logic that drives our online profiles also leads companies and their top managers to stretch the truth.