Guide to double dating and the last day of school

22-Nov-2019 21:34

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Ned tries out for basketball; Moze tries out for everything to compete with Suzie; Cookie tries out for cheerleading.

Ned tries to ask Suzie to the dance; Moze avoids Coconut Head, who she thinks wants to ask her to the dance; Cookie creates a perfect match program, but he can't get it to match him with the girl he wants.

Emergency drills interfere with Ned's attempts to ask Suzie out; Moze is worried about a pimple on her face; Cookie digs a series of tunnels to get out faster.

Ned, Moze and Cookie's bus is late; Ned tries to help Loomer ask Moze out, but Ned accidentally helps Loomer ask Suzie out instead; Moze makes friends with another girl named Jennifer; Cookie gives a tour of the school after hours.

Ned tries to help Cookie win a spelling bee to stop the 'Killer Bees', a trio of students bent on winning.

Moze has to judge the spelling bee and is forced to sit next to a disgusting teacher.

Ned gets caught passing notes in class for Bitsy and is determined to get her back for it; Moze finds a love note written to her, which she suspects was written by Loomer; Cookie gets excuse notes from Le Forger, which allows him to get away with anything.

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So Ned, Moze and Cookie organize an alternative talent show called "Talentpalooza" where the students perform the talents they want. He initially wants to back out, but Moze and Cookie convince him to run so he can beat Suzie Crabgrass and Doug the most popular guy in school.

Ned wants a kiss with Suzie this semester, but Suzie is going out with Loomer; Cookie attempts to be cooler by becoming a completely new person.

Ned, Moze and Cookie try to get an electives class together, but they cannot agree on which elective to choose.

Ned and Moze attempt to finish their class projects, but their roughhousing gets them banned from the computer lab; Cookie's computer system breaks down and, with the help of Lisa Zemo, he learns to live life without computers.

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Ned gets a new backpack from Backpack Boy, which he cannot handle; Moze desperately looks for her lost backpack, which has her diary in it; Cookie invents the "body pack".

Ned daydreams that he, Moze and Cookie are secret agents trying to save the class from Sweeney, who is holding the class in with a science riddle.

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