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19-Mar-2020 22:07

His romance with Chun Mei was adorable, and I loved watching their wedding.However, office romcoms are where Aaron really leaves his mark.Twins weren't supposed to exist in the supernatural world, and yet Xion and Dongmyeong were alive and well.This is their story [A wolfau featuring Xion of ONEUS, Dongmyeong of ONEWE and Hwanhee of UP10TION!(Just Want to Make You Fall in Love With Me), though the drama is trying its darndest to make me quit.

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A: I think that I will be living a happy life at home! hahahhaa anyone want to help me to translate some of it as well? I like Aaron Yan's comment."Annyeong Haseyo, hi all friends I'm Arron, congratulations to Gui Gui for joining the Korean Company, hoping that you will have a good success in Korea, you hoping that you will have a smooth sailing, don't forget about me alright." He was basically saying, Arasso! Hope that in the future we may have the opportunity to work together again. At the time I felt that she was a very cute little girl.

He goes to work only to find out she is also employed at GAZE.