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He is immediately taken to the hospital, where they help him to slowly recover.At the end of the season, Caleb breaks Ty out of the hospital (where he was being kept while the doctors ran additional tests to ensure he was cured) so that Ty can participate in Caleb's wedding to Cass as the best man.When Ty was a child, he was abused by his stepfather Wade, whom he attacked for assaulting Ty's mother.The incident resulted in Ty's arrest and being sent to Juvenile hall; to complete his probation, Marion Fleming offered him a job as a ranch hand at Heartland.However, Amy goes into labor as they arrive at the church and they rush home for the birth of their daughter.At the beginning of the series, Lou moves back home from her job in New York City to help run Heartland.The single was released on 14 September 2017, on David's official You Tube account.

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"Heartline" is a song by British singer Craig David, from his seventh studio album, The Time Is Now, released on 26 January 2018, "Heartline" is the lead single from the album.

The series is based on the Heartland book series by Lauren Brooke.