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25-Oct-2019 23:24

Frankie and I have one mission: To bring you the authentic, righteous love that you deserve.I've spent the last 15 years as a successful matchmaker, psychologist and dating coach and I *know* what makes relationships tick.Publishers, there's nothing you need to do if you want to attend speed dating except show up -- there's no fee and no registration whatsoever.

Wonder Woman then walks up and asks why Batman didn't call her.

When Robin goes back to the table he finds out that Batman and Lois now have a date and that Lois thinks that Robin is gay because of the costume he wears.

Robin tries to explain that Batman makes him wear that costume but no one listens.

Superman replies that he doesn't care about a bomb and that all he wants is to have sex with Lois.

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Superman then flicks some of his hairgel cum in Robin's face and runs away at super speed.Supergirl then says that she can hear and see Batman and leaves in anger.