Hong kong partnerships and contacts and dating

11-Nov-2019 07:02

Keep in mind that business can only be successful if you treat your partners with courtesy.Make sure to always address people with their title and surname (e.g. You will soon realize that a plenty of businesspeople in Hong Kong use a Western name to make it easier for their Western contacts to address them correctly.Don’t forget to call or email your business partners the day before to confirm your appointment.During the meeting, greet the most senior business partner first and then work your way down the hierarchy. Here you should make sure, just like with your wardrobe, to stick to a positive or neutral color scheme.Speak slowly and clearly, and practice or try to learn Cantonese in Hong Kong if you can.If your Cantonese is not quite up to Hong Kong business culture, you may at least try a bit of small talk or a few polite phrases to show your effort.

Although business in Hong Kong can be frantic and many people are hard-working and career-oriented, business culture in Hong Kong takes some patience. In Hong Kong business culture, impatience and aggressiveness are often perceived as negative character traits.Red is considered a lucky color while white is a traditional symbol of mourning.