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Accordingly, the point of the story that mentions Laozi's occupation as librarian or an archivist (ch.13) is that Confucius' writings, offered to Laozi by Confucius himself, are simply not worthy to be put into a library.

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In one of these passages in which Lao Dan uses Confucius’s personal name Qiu, he cautions Confucius against clever arguments and making plans and strategies with which to solve life’s problems, telling him that such rhetoricians are simply like nimble monkeys and rat catching dogs who are set aside when unable to perform (Ch. And on another occasion, Qiu claims that he knows the "six classics" thoroughly and that he has tried to persuade 72 kings to their truth, but they have been unmoved. " He tells Confucius not to occupy himself with such worn out ways, and to instead live the we should not forget that the context of this record is as a component in the theme that Laozi taught Confucius, who was confused and having no success with his own teachings.Of the seventeen passages mentioning Laozi, Confucius figures as a dialogical partner or subject in nine.