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When I was 12 years old, a new phenomenon swept over me and my sixth grade peers: relationships. I remember, in detail, the tearful conversation I had with my mother about the situation."Catherine, you're going to meet someone. These people aren't in relationships, they're just being silly.""But, what if no one ever likes me? " I somehow managed to ask between tears."Catherine, your person is out there, and he's going to be amazing. You still have junior high, high school, college to get through.

He said he was dating Olivia Culpo who was Miss Universe 2013. In the event that your said girls parents do not like the fact your dating, do not know your dating, or do not want her to date you, )you being the guy, as presumed) You're screwed.

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Through it all, I watched as my friends were approached by their interested boys; I watched them begin their little "relationships," while I stood on the side... Maybe they're thinking about all of this, too, and even though you're apart now, you could both be looking up at the same moon, wondering, connected without knowing it."My mother can speak with a wisdom that gets me every time."Okay," I sniffled, and went outside to look at the moon.

However, this is highly dependent on the two people.

Not all 16-year-olds are in the same place mentally, and the same goes for when they are 19.

Of course a 16yo girl can date if she wants and the parents are fine with it.

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However, if the 16-year-old girl is dating a person who is 18 years or older, sexual activity of any sort is illegal.He had a girlfriend for 16 years, and they broke up last year, and now he is dating a girl he met while on tour.