Internalized racism and dating

06-Dec-2020 16:43

Some were even offered the skills and opportunity to work off of the plantation so they could purchase their freedom.Post slavery and throughout the Jim Crow era, Black churches, fraternities, sororities, and other organizations used the infamous “Brown paper bag test” – to discriminate against and exclude Black people with darker complexion.We live in a country and world that perceives dark skin as evil, threatening, foreign, exotified, and objectified.Because my light skin is associated with whiteness, I am perceived as less threatening, more beautiful or attractive, more educated.Colorism and its many present-day faces within the Black community (i.e.“team light skin”) are proof that white supremacy and racist systems are operating exactly how they were intended to.There is no denying the impact this had on me – I had deeply hurt feelings.

We had been smoking pot in a public space, and the white officer was responding to a report. But he gave us a brief lecture, smashed my pipe on the pavement, took our information, and let us go.Presently, ghosts of the Brown paper bag test continue to haunt us when images of lighter skinned Black folks continue to dominate the media, even amongst those that feature all Black casts, performers, and celebrities.