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It made me laugh when Tori said " eat your pants" then Jade says "no you eat your pants! I love torie and beck together please who have an a episode that torie and jade together Jade Dumps Beck I just love beck and jade as a couple and in this episode I found the end super cute I just really liked this episode, because it's kind a cute and I think a lot of girls like me liked it too. The whole cast put in amazing performances, and Trina's performance was hilarious. SO AWESOME I LOVE it because she hit the shoe and she did not mean it and on part one jade called that girl hey ugly betty it was so funny and I love the part when robbie kill the man pet The drama and the song in this episode was amazing and I suggest this for everyone, it's very low on this list and I think this should be higher, one of the best Victorious Episodes I really love this episode I watch it all the time I love the song I want you back Victoria you have a great singing voice Tori the Zombie Funny concept - blackflower This episode is just overall amazing! The episode is very funny and has one of my favourite songs in the whole series ("Finally Falling"). Pinkberry I'm only voting for this to let everyone know that there was no episode of Victorious named Pinkberry. I love how Cat is obsessed with sky store in this episode and how she is so cute because I don't like the episodes when she is serious. Who was doing the voice rex while Matt wasn't there Jades lines were so funny Opposite Date Love every minute, especially the part where jade imitates cat Jade slayed in this episode she looked beautiful The ending was cute and funny This is my all time favorite episode, right in front of "Freak the Freak Out", and the "Birthweek Song". Plus those guys getting roasted in song form was hilarious. lee it's very funny Prom Night Prom night is prom wrecker which has already been mentioned It is called prom wrecker Prom night is very cute and great especially jade I like jade when she put scary video at the prom atnd tori get angry Who Did It to Trina? I believe this deserves to be a Top 5 because not only is it well-planned, we get to see the characters talents, and I thought the story was funny and unlike any other, great episode!

" It's really funny I feel that tori started a war between her and jade Ice Cream for Ke$ha Its good, because Victoria Justice and Ke$ha is my top 2 singers. And yes, I maybe loved it because I like Jade and Beck a lot. I love how Cat and Trina have so many scenes together and how their personalities crash is what makes the episode what it is. I don't know how in the world it even got on this list without existing in the first place. My actual favorite episdoe was either Freak the Freak Out, The Diddly-Bops, or Opposite Date because it was one of the only episodes to stand out in the 4th season. I've seen all the episodes and I've never heard of this. Also it was funny how Robbie becomes popular and stuff. Xoxo April Fools Blank A great mix of hilarious jokes and references. Features an appearance by Lady Gaga at the end of the show, and a song. I love it so much because it is hilarious when Jade imitates Cat, and when they are all in "petmergency" and all these different people get involved. Tori & Jade's Play Date I love this episode because Cat and Robbie sing bad news songs. Yeah jade is awesome always has been though The song is amazing and I really like Jade. This episode should at least be number 2 So amazing A Christmas Tori I LOVE this episode!

Beck & Tori shockingly kissed in the restaurant, both were surprised at first but eventually liked it & became a couple. Beck: Listen, Jade can't attend the movie we're gonna watch... Jade: ' Cause my mom wants me to spend quality time with them, so I'm gone for the week... Tori: Aw, so you won't get to come again to Maestro's?

The next day, Tori & Beck find out that the Gang planned all this & also admitting to them that they became a Couple.

Freak the Freak Out I love this episode because it was a bit of a surprise to me to see jade and cat sing, like REALYY GOOD! And I like jade and cat's comebacks to the "mean girls". This episode is literally in my top 5 it's hilarious because Trina acts the same way my sister did (no exaggeration) my favorite line is Tara - and if we win Cat - you can make out with jades boyfriend Jade - WHATCat - they like his hair Jade - so do II d k why but its hilarious I honestly love this episode when tori was that girl and she transformed back into herself i Party with Victorious I love Icarly. This episode is made for people who are fans of both shows. I think the best episode of victorious is when cat shaves jades eye brows off and then jade shaves cat hair off Pilot This is a really clever episode, because I love the ending. I think the number 1 episode though is "Freak the Freak Out". " How can anyone hate this like when I was watching it at the need I was like what The Gorilla Club This is quite a good one as I have watched it already. Who doesn't love this that's all l will say The Birthweek Song Stage fighting because it is good to see jade and tori finally work it out and it is also funny as well. How could trina sell the tori song and I seriously don't like tori but for once I'll stand up for her Crazy Ponnie Because this is one of the most funniest and craziest Victorious episodes ever but it was sad to really truly see it go because I really truly saw every episode beginning to end so sad.

Great songs, two hilarious plot lines, Jade and Cat getting some much needed spotlight... It's a shame Season 2 was such a disappointment after it.

I love how the characters meet each other although Sam and Freddie both agree That cats a fictional character which is kinda weird and they watch the show victorious but there's a show called Sam and cat, and Sam said cat was make believe - Nicolaskeough IParty ROCKS! I love how it's an hour special, and how Jaade and Cat sing in it! I think Cat and Jade should sing much more, the show would be much better if they did! I loved that the Trina of course was drinking water all along. It is where all of tori's friends think she is very soft. Jenette mccurdy was in this and she's really funny so it was a great episode. How Trina Got In I showed my best friend this and she wouldn't shut up about it after you just forget how key trina is Best episode ever!

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(Jade stops while Beck is still inside, holding the doorknob. Inside, Beck lets go of the doorknob while he hears Jade's car leaving)Beck: Let's play some cards. Victorious is an American television sitcom which premiered on March 27, 2010 and is currently not airing on Nickelodeon.

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