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08-Apr-2020 15:31

With just two more episodes to watch, the commentary I’m recording for Big Brother 14 will be released this week!There will be a few more blog posts (I can’t promise they will be serious ones) about Big Brother 14 leading up to the launch.WATCH: - Live Eviction, Episode 7 "I developed a real, genuine connection with Jason; I consider him a friend," Danielle told Julie Chen in her post-eviction interview, "and friendship means so much more to me than money.

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"I might have dug my own grave by being blindly loyal to my alliance," she admitted, "[But] I wanted to prove that you can be loyal in this house, that loyalty Danielle added that her game "changed for the better" after her bae Shane was evicted and their steamy showmance was put on hold.Having a conversation in the Big Brother house where someone THINKS you are someone else never happens.It is like getting struck by lightning while winning the lottery and finding a four-leaf clover all simultaneously. Because of this, not playing into the Joe-Wassup conversation is my all time biggest regret in Big Brother 14.After the show, I bought Kara lunch at In and Out and we called it even. It’s the job of the player to know what makes each juror tick. Big Brother 14 – Episode 24 – i Tunes Aff Link Out of every mistake I made in the Big Brother house, none is bigger than this one.

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This one was pretty obvious, but after I saw Episode 28, I was a little shocked. If I had a little more foresight in the moment, I wouldn’t have to lose sleep every night over missing this golden(eyes) opportunity for a comedy segment.It’s a quick, easy, and fun read filled with a behind the scenes look at the Big Brother casting process.