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08-Mar-2020 13:55

Smith told the parent network’s head, Rupert Murdoch that he wants to make Fox News “the best news organization in America.”Smith also said that he’s open to changing networks. Over time, you make business decisions every few years when contracts come up,” he said.It Was Rumored That Roger Ailes Reportedly Made Smith Hide His Sexuality Smith came out as gay in a recent interview.Smith said to Huffington Post that he has big plans for Fox News.He wants to hire more journalists and build a bigger newsroom.Smith’s show has always been different from the hard conservative values of the network.Rumors began that Smith kept his sexuality quiet because Ailes feared it could damage the conservative image of the network.He has covered Princess Diana’s funeral, the Florida ballot-counting controversy of 2000, and coverage on the Iraq war.He was one of the main reporters to give coverage to the horrific events surrounding Hurricane Katrina.

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Here’s everything you need to know about Shepard Smith.

Former CEO of Fox News, Roger Ailes once said that Smith is the “go-to guy” for any breaking news coverage.