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23-May-2020 00:35

*Amir is in LA so I'm uploading this old video, we've come a long way, sort of! I don't even know why I asked how, I mean, you clearly have no idea what you're talking about. All kidding aside, Amir is pretty sick on the 6-string.Perform.") (possibly spelled "Bradlynn") Widely (Fashion Blog) Den Gren (Normal Conversation) Snatcher (Normal Conversation) Traven (Braces) Tranlin (Hospital) (technically Leron's friend) Mickey (Mickey, Niece, I. U., Prom, Tipping, Real Estate) Austin (High School) Marty (Beeper) John (jakkeandamirdidthisworkhowdoihitsendisthisanemailjakke.org) Kyle (30th Birthday) Chery (Cheryl, Cheryl Part 2) (Amir's oldest friend) Clovis (Get Rich Quick Schemes) (Amir's entrepreneur friend) Father Doron Blumenfeld (various episodes, though his name is only mentioned on the podcast) Mother Rivkah Blumenfeld (various episodes, though her name is only mentioned on the podcast) Brother Yair Blumenfeld (only mentioned on the podcast) Brother Ben (New Website Design) Cousin Leron (first introduced in "Park") (apparently adopted by apparently nonexistent parents) Cousin Linford (Cousin, Cousins) Great Uncle Gryan (Business Ideas) Nieces and Nephews: Ryan, Bryan, Cryan, Fryan, and Sandra "The Little Engine That Can't" (High School Play) Aunt Harold (Aunt) (Another Aunt) (Aunt) Lerona (Girlfriend Pts 1-7, Graveyard) (ex-girlfriend (now dead)) Hallie Schneider (Hallie Pts I-IV, Dating Coach Pts 1-2) (Sarah's sister, both Jake's and Amir's ex-girlfriend) (real name Hallie Cantor, not really Sarah's sister) Larence (Barbershop Quartet) Edward Nort (Screenplay) (his cousin's lawyer) Bjorn (Baby Bjorn) Mike Schaubauch (New Guy, Mike and Amanda, Realizations, Ultimatum) Parm (Leron's 93-year-old ex-boyfriend) (Nose Job) Chuck (Britney) Joe (Embarrassed) Josh (High School Friend) John Cleland ("Poke Me" by Auto Tune the News) Mother Laura Hurwitz (Nantucket) (maiden name: Krick (Dating Service)) Father Samuel Hurwitz (Hardly Working: Dilly Dally) Brother Micah (Micah, Micah's Facebook) Brother Kumail, 7 years older than Jake (Brother) (not a real brother) Sister Sarah Hurwitz Sister Eliza Hurwitz Sister Hannah Hurwitz Sister Rachael Hurwitz Nephew (Chin Strap Beard) Grandfather John Krick (Truth or Dare) (on his mom's side) (last name is inferred from Dating Service) (a Godson) (Fedora) Cousin Madeleine Krick (Jake's Cousin) Cousin Diana (Florida, Date, Amir's Birthday) (An aunt) (April Fools II) (Another aunt, (Madeleine's mother) possibly the same person as above) (Jake's Cousin) Great Great Uncle on his mom's side 1: Alan G.Summerville, shoe salesman from Nebraska (Tissue) Great Great Uncle on his mom's side 2: Frederick B.Wiele z tych kobiet to zdesperowane samotne mamuśki i zdradzające żony pragnące nieco zabawy. Czy zgadzasz się zachować tożsamość tych kobiet w tajemnicy?

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Prisca Sapientia: How many buttock imprints did this Balaam dude leave BEHIND (pun intended) by riding his ass to town?

The episode centers around Amir, Jake, Sarah and Jeff playing a game of Monopoly.